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M3BP Low Voltage Process performance motors
    • M3BP Low Voltage Process performance motors
    • M3BP Low Voltage Process performance motors
Product Details

ABB Shanghai Motors Co., Ltd. introduces M3BP of synchronization with the European technology the use of ABB global Automatic Data Extractor and Plotting Table(ADEPT), the company can supply low voltage cast iron process performance motors with high efficiency and reliability etc, which can meet premium efficiency requirements for different industries, Its major customers are among the marine, paper, mines, power plant,crane, cements, metals, water, etc, providing solutions to the special requirements of customers.


High Reliability

ABB uses the high quality grade, suitable for continuous operation places severe requirements and the design life of 30 years.

High efficiency and Energy Saving

Consistent with the International Electro technical Commission IEC IE3 efficient motor standards Low vibration Designed for VSD operation Low noise

Technical Data

Frame sizes 71 to 355mm

Output power: 0.18 to 355kW 

Poles: 2, 4, 6

Mounting arrangement: B3, B5, B35 etc.

Frame material: Cast IronVoltage: ≤690V

Frequency: 50Hz, VSD application

Insulation Class Temperature Rise: F/B

Degrees of protection: IP55, IP56, IP65

Standard: IEC、GB etc.

Industry Application:

Port crane

Port crane.jpg

Pulp paper

Pulp paper.jpg





Power Plant Dry Cooling Tower

Power Plant Dry Cooling Tower.jpg

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