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ABB low voltage drives ACS550, 0.75 - 550 Hp
    • ABB low voltage drives ACS550, 0.75 - 550 Hp
Product Details

What is the ACS550 Customer Value?

Reduced commissioning and installation costs

Many assistants including Start-up, Drive Optimizer, Real-time Clock, Diagnostics, Maintenance, Serial and PID.

Two soft-keys that change according to the operator panel state

Field upgradeable firmware

Easy connection of cables

New conduit box is suitable for US and Europe

Built-in brake chopper (10Hp, 230V / 15Hp, 480V and 600 V)

Optional plug-in fieldbus modules

Reduced size and weight with Patented Swinging

Choke (R1-R6) - equivalent to a 5% Line Impedance

3% Impedance AC Line Reactor (R8)

Removable operator panel

Only Class T fuses required for high speed short circuit protection

NEMA 12 enclosure does not require derating

Smaller physical size of internal option slots

FlashDrop programming (unpowered drive)

Reduced energy costs without power factor penalties and correction capacitors

Patented swinging choke provides substantially reduced harmonics, more inductance to the correct load and higher power factor

Up to 25% less THD v. traditional DC choke

Daily timer controls for time-of-day backoff e.g. start/stop process changes

Reduced Drive-Motor system failures and costs

Preventative “Maintenance Assistant” annunciation feature schedules Drive-Motor system maintenance

The ABB ACS550 AC drive combines a sophisticated microprocessor with an advanced IGBT power switching technology to deliver V/Hz, Closed Loop Flux Vector and Sensorless Vector control of AC motors. Its intuitive control panel offers numerous benefits making it the most user-friendly panel in the drives industry. The extensive library of pre - programmed application macros maximizes convenience and minimizes start-up time. This drive can handle the most demanding industrial applications in an efficient, dependable and economic manne


1.Easy commissioning,Fast set-up,Easier configuration,Rapid fault diagnostics,Quick access to recent parameter changes

2.Reduced installation cost

3.Reduces Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) emissions up to 25%

4.Reduced installation time Secure cable connections Quick fault diagnostics Takes care of drive preventative maintenance Easy set-up of parameters Simplifies closed loop process control adjustment Allows quick adjustment of time and date Provides easy set-up of field bus connectivity Quickly tailors drive to application

5.No need for external filtering

6.Enables wider range of applications

7.Considerable motor noise reduction and improved efficiency

8.New fast, safe and trouble free method to download parameters available without powering the drive - patented

9.Protections against moisture and hostile particles as standard

10.Reduces heat and enclosure size

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