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High-efficiency flame-proof 3-phase ac motor for hazardous environment


M2JAX series flameproof three-phase induction motors for Explosive atmospheres with "Ex d" type of protection, are designed for "Ex d ll C T4 Gb" grade as standard. Motors are extensively applied in chemical, oil and gas industries. The motor enclosure will be able to withstand an explosion of inflammable gas or vapour, which penetrates into the internal part through joints of structural openings. Furthermore, no internal explosion can be transmitted to the explosive atmosphere surrounding the motor.

M2JAX series flameproof motors meet the standard of IEC60079-0:2007/IEC60079-1:2007 and GB3836.1-2010/GB3836.2-2010.It is certified by CQST and the efficiency rating reaches IEC IE2,

which is in accordance with China Grade 3 efficiency standard.

Technical Features

Low noise

The M2JAX range has been designed to minimize motors noise levels, by means of improving magnetic and electrical design, ventilator condition, and structure assembling size and technology.

Bearings with high load capacity

Motors are provided with deep-groove ball bearings, the lifetime is extended. Motors in sizes 80-132 are greased for life, and those in sizes 160-355 have a refueling device as a standard.

High reliability

Motor is totally enclosed fan cooled structure with IP55. High mechanical strength and high anti-corrosive property. PTC thermistors are available on request.

Application area of Ex d Motors

1. Explosive potential areas are divided into Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2


Zone definition

Applicable motors Protection.


Explosive zone

No suitable explosion-proof motor now


Incidental explosive zone

Flameproof "d", Increased safety "e"


Accidental explosive zone

Flameproof "d", Increased safety "e",
non-sparking "nA" motors

2. Location

In industries sector such as petroleum, natural gas and chemical,all kinds of inflammable gas or steam may be released in the production process. For instance, refineries have propane, butane,and gasoline, ethylene, and acetylene, etc. Fertilizer plants have ammonia, methanol, carbon oxide, water gas, air, etc. Mixed with air, these substances form a mixture with the risk of explosion.A serious explosive may occur if the mixture is in an explosive ambience, co-existing with tinder.

Normally, squirrel-cage motors do not produce sparks.During operation, sparks may appear due to damaged and aging of winding insulation or electric arcs because of loose connection between electric parts. Mechanical failure or other reasons that may give rise to an overload of the motor and bring high temperature and result in an ignition.

Therefore, effective measures should be taken for all types of flameproof motors against sparks, electric arcs and dangerous temperatures.

"Ex d" flameproof motor is a type of electrical apparatus operating in explosive zones.Its enclosure will be able to suffer from an explosion of inflammable gas or steam, which penetrates into the internal part of it through any joints of structural openings.Furthermore, this explosion will not cause ignition in the external explosive gas atmosphere formed by one or more types of gas or steam.

3.Application scene


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