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M2BAX Low voltage General performance motors
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M2BAX Low voltage General performance motors


ABB motors are of the totally enclosed, three phase squirrel cage type, built to comply with international IEC and EN standards. Motors conforming to other national and international specifications are also available on request.
All production units are certified to ISO 9001 international quality standard as well ISO 1 4OO0 environmental standard and conform to all applicable EU Directives.

Rated output

M2BAX motors rated outputs means that the motor runs under continuous duty S1 (IEC 60034-1) operation at ambient temperature from -20C ~40°C and at altitudes of up to 1000m above sea level.

Voltage and Frequency
The impact on temperature rise caused by voltage and frequency fluctuation is defined in IEC60034-1.
The standard divides the combinations into two zones, zone A and B. Zone A is the combination of voltage deviation+/-5% and frequency deviation +/-2%. Zone B is the combination of voltage deviation +/-1O% and frequency deviation +3%/-5%.
The motors are capable of supplying the rated torque in both zone A and B, but the temperature rise will be higher than a trated voltage and frequency. The motors are to be in operation only for a short period of time in zone B.


In accordance with IEC 60034-1, tolerance is the maximum allowed deviation between the test result and the declared value on the rating plate (or in the catalog).Test results are based on test procedures in accordance with IEC 60034-2-1,IEC 60034-9, and IEC 60034-12.

Overload time

According to IEC 60034, M2BAX motors are designed to withstand overload capacity of 1.5 times rated current for2 minutes at rated voltage and frequency.

Ambient temperatures and high altitudes

Normal motors are designed for operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C and at a maximum altitude of1000 meters above sea level. If a motor is operated at higher ambient temperatures or altitude, it should be derated.






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