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Gear reducer


The export owner is a Philippine machinery manufacturer, which is divided into three phases. The first phase of the project has 39 geared motors, which have been successfully delivered to customers.

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The advantages of this delivery reducer are as follows:
1、 R series-helical geared motor is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has high technical content;
2、hard tooth surface reducer saves space, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, power up to 132KW;
3、 low energy consumption, superior performance, the efficiency of the reducer is as high as 95% or more;
4、 low vibration, low noise, high energy saving;
5、 R series helical gear hard surface reducer adopts high quality forged steel material, steel cast iron box body, and the gear surface is subjected to high frequency heat treatment;
6、After precision machining to ensure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, the reducer that forms the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with various types of motors, which are combined into mechatronics, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the geared motor products.
7、Geared motors are widely used in various general mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, medical, beauty, health massage, office supplies, etc.

BR helical gear motor performance characteristics:
1. Small offset output, compact structure, maximum use of cabinet space, second and third levels in the same box.
2, the use of a monolithic casting box, the box structure is rigid, easy to improve the strength of the shaft and bearing life.
3, installation: foot mounting, flange mounting size flange, easy to choose.
4. Solid shaft output, the average efficiency is 96% for the second level, 94% for the third level, and the average efficiency of the R/R combination is 85%.
5. The RM series designed for mixing can carry large axial and radial forces.

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