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TECO Small R series geared motor driving and connecting globally
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    • TECO Small R series geared motor driving and connecting globally
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In 1957 The first motor factory in Taiwan took international standards for motor production.
In 1965 Automatic mass-production of motor @ below 30HP,and record of motor production at 1 set/4min.in Taiwan.
In 1971 Shared 44% motor market in Taiwan,and exported to Japan,America,Australia etc.
In 1977 Manufactured the largest indirect water cooling type motor @ 2000HP in Taiwan.
In 1995 Merged and Acquired Westinghouse Company in USA.
In 2000 TECO Suzhou was found,main products was small-scale motor.
In 2002 TECO Wuxi was founded,main products was larged-scale motor.
In 2004 TECO Jiangxi was set up through merging and acquisition with Jiangxi Sitong Motor Factory,main products was large scale motor.
In 2008 TECO Fujian was found to build the Motor#39;s Supply Chain Center in Fuan.
In 2012 TECO Shanghai was found as the only Sales/Service Headquarter in China for TECO Group.
In 2015 TECO wholly-owned world famous Motovaria S.P.A.

Description of motor model:


2. Shaft diameter:17-Φ1827-Φ2237-Φ2847-Φ3257-Φ4067-Φ50

3. Capacity100W-3700W

4. Ratio:35/10~1800

5. Motor basic data:

S-220/380v 50hz60hz 3phase v- inverter motor Z: light duty type

6. BMG - brakes/brake release

7. Mounting position:

M1-standard,M2- output shaft upward,M3-invert,M4-output shaft downward,M5-lift side,M6-right side

8. View frpm output shaft: 0°,90°, 1800°,270°,

9. Wire inlet: lift, top, right,down

Motor specification

Protection: IP54 totally enclosed fan cooled type

Starting:direct start

Time rating: continuous running


Environment: temperature between -10℃~+40℃ Humidity less than 90%

Voltage: 50hz-220v/230v/240v/380v/400v/415v/440v


Pole: 2,4,6,8

Full speed:50hz 1360~1430rpm 60hz1640~1740rpm

Standard: IEC-34 CNS-10919

Sea level: under 1000m

Terminal box: with ip55 class water-proof aluminum terminal box

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