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SIEMENS Y2G3 Low Voltage Big Power Three Phase Asynchronous Motor
    • SIEMENS Y2G3 Low Voltage Big Power Three Phase Asynchronous Motor
Product Details

SIEMENS Y2G3 Low Voltage Big Power Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

(380~690VY, IC411/IC416)


Y2G3 series low voltage big power three phase asynchronous motor is a new modular design for both general applications and special requirements. Produced in Siemens Special Electrical

Machines Co., Ltd., the motor complies with efficiency grade 3 (GB18613-2012). With compact structure, high quality and high reliability, Y2G3 is an ideal drive source for mechanical

Machineri such as fan, pump, compressor, winch, centrifugal,crusher and rubber plastics.


项目 Items


功率 Power range


极数 Poles


中心高 Shaft height


电压 Voltage


热分级 Thermal class


冷却方式 Cooling

IC411, IC416

防护等级 Degree of protection


壳体材料 Frame material

灰铸铁 Gray cast iron

安装方式 Mounting


轴承 Bearings

Local high-end (import brand as option)

效率 Efficiency

China Efficiency Grade 3 (GB18613-2012)

Operating conditions

Y2G3 Standard configuration is suitable for the following working conditions

额定电压 Rated voltage

380V、400V、660V、690V ±5%

额定频率 Rated frequency


环境温度 Ambient temperature

–15℃ ~ 40℃

海拔高度 Altitude above sea level

不超过 1000m No higher than 1000m

工作制 Duty Type

连续工作制 S1 Continuous operation S1

Technical features and customer benefits


High efficiency

Siemens insulation system

High reliable bearing design, nonstop re-greasing and used

grease disposal

Compact structure, high power density

Modular design

Variable terminal box position

Various options, possible for customization

Special design adaption

VSD design

Engineering possible for special working conditions

Customer Benefits

Energy saving, reduce operational cost

High reliability, long life time

Suitable for different load characteristics and environment

Low vibration, minimum maintenance cost

Space saving

Easy to maintain

Help customer optimize the equipment layout

Satisfy all the functional requirement

Suitable for Special load requirement

operation is possible

Suitable for harsh conditions, e.g. high altitude, corrosive environment

Insulation system

Extremely tight quality control and all-round tests on each machine

High mechanical strength for frequently switching and reversing load

Extraordinary thermal endurance which ensures long winding lifetime – even under tough environment

Excellent protection against harsh conditions such as high

temperature, high humidity, corrosive and dusty

Bearing assignment

Shaft height:355,400

Drive end

Deep groove ball bearing

Non-drive end

Deep groove ball bearing

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